The Why of it all

Came across Joe Mathlete’s daily Marmaduke explanation. I loved the dry, detailed explanation of the comic strip. Marmaduke is not printed in any Indian daily I’ve come across.

My newspaper, Deccan Herald, has a pathetic comics page. Tell me, does *anyone* find Moose and Molly even faintly amusing?

Sample today’s Moose and Molly. I hate the strip and don’t know why I’m even pasting one here on my blog.
<it’s ugly. I removed it>

Then found another brilliant thread here, Garfield really is much, much more fun with all his thought bubbles cut out of the strip.

And loved reading Anousheh Ansari’s writing on her blog. Blog surfing is so much fun. I can spend hours doing that.

I blog because there are so many things I like enough to write about. Recording them in a public forum and finding others who like the same, that feels great.

As arvind says, the web is now very close to how Tim Berners-Lee envisioned it to be, a read/write medium. And I’m loving it.


One Response to “The Why of it all”

  1. Arjun Says:

    Garfield is not very funny, most of the times. Like you said, he is muchn more funny with his thought bubbles cut out. And isn’t it a good thing Marmaduke isn’t printed in any Indian daily? The explanation on Mathlete’s site is good, though!

    Ansari’s description of the earth and space is very nice. Very poetic, like the comments say.

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