Art (Not!)

Squash a bug with a shoe. Then exhibit shoe. Upside down.

Tag it with a “representation of the complex and many layered human behaviour and the vacuity of life according to Freudian philosophy” placard.

People will flock to eet, I say! You will be famous, you with the deepest understanding of human soul, you!

Until some kid yells that it’s just a bug squashed with a shoe. Until then you will be the like the emperor person with the new clothes.

I don’t care if the cinematography is perfect. You *convey* *nothing* with exquisite shots placed randomly together. Die you!


One Response to “Art (Not!)”

  1. Arjun Says:

    “…a film which defies interpretation, layered with rich subtexts and complex raison d’etres and dazzling mise-en-scenes. Boggles the very mind with its sinuous plotlines and stunning performances from its stellar cast….”

    Yeah, makes you fair sick.

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