I Discovered MJ

A VH1 feature called “Michael Jackson’s Secret Childhood” made me look for any MJ songs I might have.

And I found in one dirty, musty corner of my hard disk an entire album of Jackson 5 Motown hits. And OMG, have you heard MJ when he was eleven? Such a lovely, soul wrenching voice he has.

MJ, eleven. On YouTube.

I’m a fan. No matter how twisted he is supposed to be. I love his voice to bits.

If you’re interested the transcripts of the VH1 show is available here.


One Response to “I Discovered MJ”

  1. Arjun Says:

    Jay Leno on yesterday’s “The tonight show”:-

    “Tiger Woods earned (some large amount of money) when he was nine. Nine! Wow. That’s the most money earned by any 9-year-old without suing Michael Jackson.”

    Ha ha.

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