Just like Voltage, iGlow does not rely on UV, neon or black lights to create glow. Instead, it produces its own light!
Tiny, microscopic particles in the gel come together in the mixing process to produce a bright colorful glow that can be
seen in partial light and in the dark for several hours.

While iGlow is classified as a “temporary hair color” it does not actually color the hair cuticle. It “coats” the hair
with color. The gel is the delivery medium for the luminescence (glow).

(via popgadget)


5 Responses to “iGlow”

  1. Arvind Says:

    Ha ha. Where did you get that picture from?


  2. Arvind Says:

    Of course, there HAS to be a link at the bottom, just to make me look like an idiot. Sorry.

  3. Arjun Says:

    [Arvind]This doesn’t make you look like an idiot. That photo in the other post does. Ha ha!!

  4. patchcable Says:

    [Arjun] Aww. Don’t say that.

  5. Arjun Says:

    You big sissy/softy/pushover.

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