Dressing up gadgets

ipod accessories take dressing up gadgets to whole new levels.
Check out my google reader share page where I’ve shared some of the zany ipod add ons that I got from just a couple of gadget blogs.

Apparently, the ipod accessory market is about $300 million. Which is smaller than, say, the porn industry but way bigger than the market for frog spawn.

My ipod is naked and uncovered and does not have killer speakers to go with it. I’m sure it will kill me and run away to the home for underprivileged ipods.


7 Responses to “Dressing up gadgets”

  1. Arjun Says:

    That iPod you’ve dressed up on that reader page looks way too cool! Like a spy’s iPod or something.

    Heh, your iPod could sue you for negligence, eh?

  2. patchcable Says:

    Which one looks like a spy’s ipod? The pink fluffy one?

  3. Arjun Says:

    No, not the pink fluffy one! The killer-black one, with the speakers.

  4. Arvind Says:

    Aww, wun away.


  5. patchcable Says:

    Or, I could get it a nice hoodie for chrismas.

    Aww no?

  6. patchcable Says:


  7. Arjun Says:

    He he, wun away….

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