Blogs can’t get more niche-er than this.

WiiWii, apart from being the best name for a blog ever, is dedicated to the Nintendo Wii gaming console. What caught my eye was this post. Specifically, this huge technicolor tattoo of nintendo creatures.

Nintendo Tattoo

*phew* gamers!


5 Responses to “WiiWii”

  1. Arjun Says:

    Wow, Nintendo Fanboy fanatics? I hadn’t heard much about that tribe. Only PlayStation freaks(yeah, you know it’s you I’m talking about, my friend.). Tattooes are extremely coo’.

  2. Arjun Says:

    Especially that tattoo before the YouTube video. Man, awesome! Like Scofield’s.

  3. patchcable Says:

    I know, that one is ve-ery nice too but a technicolor tattoo with little dragons (or yoshis) beats them all.

    You need to have serious guts to get a tattoo like that.

  4. Ankit Says:

    gaming fan! welcome, welcome my friend!

    btw, we have to buy the Wii! Before we buy the Wii though, we have to get an HDTV.

    So .. here’s the plan … we buy an HDTV, you buy the Wii, I buy the PS3 and then we compare notes. And yes, how can I forget … we make fun of dumbass coz he’ll just have an ordinary TV with PS2 :p

  5. patchcable Says:

    Yes, yes. Why naat!

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