The masthead generator

I got me a new masthead. Infact, I will be changing mastheads quite regularly because I found this.

I enter a keyword and the search shows up photos from Flickr tagged with that keyword. I then select any picture I fancy and make it my blog’s masthead. The condition is that I attribute the image to it’s owner. Which I will do because I’m not evil. You can see the owner of the curent masthead on the bottom right.

Check out Dooce’s mastheads. She makes a new one every month. And they’re all pretty and funny.


3 Responses to “The masthead generator”

  1. Arjun Says:

    This is only for WordPress. I don’t like this offer.

    Dooce is cool, yes.

  2. patchcable Says:

    You can use masthead with your theme on blogger also. I’ve seen blogs which have done that.

  3. Avantgarde art Says:

    I Like This for Many Reasons

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