Photo retouching

The touching up involved in making the perfect billboard model:

The video is part of a marketing campaign by Dove which sort of backfired.

It is extremely difficult for anyone to change the “perception of beauty” because aesthetically pleasing will always remain so. Give or take a few curves.
However, Dove’s campaign to “celebrate the curves and imperfections of real women and inspire them to have the confidence to show them off with pride” is really quite nice of them.


I keep posting videos, just out of curiosity, does anyone out there still use dial-up to connect to the Internet?


9 Responses to “Photo retouching”

  1. Arjun Says:

    The village people do, I suppose. They think ‘broadband’ involves large amounts of satin.

    How do you find these videos??? Very nice. Dove will make money out of this, but pretty good idea/gesture, yes.

    I like curvy women.

  2. patchcable Says:

    Neenu thumba bourgeois.
    Everybody likes curvy women, btw.

  3. Karthik Says:

    Perfect faces seem artificial. Subtle and pleasant imperfections are groovy. But, I dont think these “celebrate the imperfections” ads actually work out. By nature, humans try to be perfectionists. (Atleast some of them do.)

    Nice video.

  4. Ankit Says:

    have you noticed … there is a really tiny smiley near the top-right corner of your page.

  5. patchcable Says:

    [Kartik] These ads are not really working out.
    Looks like everybody would rather see perfectness in ads.

    [Ankit] That smiley is there on all wordpress blogs. It’s like their watermark or something.

  6. Ankit Says:

    oh, cool. Must like a authenticity stamp or something.

    I can’t find it in the page source though.

  7. Karthik Says:

    You always miss an ‘h’ in my name.

  8. patchcable Says:


  9. Lane Hansell Says:

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