Totally heart warming

South Africa legalises gay marriage.

The SA Defence minister said this in the house before the bill was passed:

Today, as we reap the fruits of democracy, it is only right that they must be afforded similar space in the sunshine of our democracy. This country cannot afford to continue to be a prisoner of the backward, timeworn prejudices that have no basis.

The lawmakers remember how they were discriminated and how it feels to be discriminated.

You’d think someone tormented wouldn’t do the same to others but it’s never like that. Seniors rag freshers even though they hated it when they were put through it. Mothersinlaw mistreat their daughtersinlaw even though they know how it felt like. And many other on a much bigger scale.


Really great what South Africa has done.


7 Responses to “Totally heart warming”

  1. utkarsh Says:

    Oh comeon .. don’t compare ragging to this .. ragging is a fun exercise .. as long as it doesn’t get too serious ..
    And I hope sometime in the near future, India too wakes up to the fact that gays are humans too

  2. patchcable Says:

    I mean the bad, mental torture kind of ragging.

    Like what Roald Dahl wrote about in Boy.

    Basically, it all comes down to “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” .

    See, I quote from the Bible and all.

  3. utkarsh Says:

    🙂 .. ha ha .. yes … the last thing that would change my opinion .. the holy books 🙂

  4. Arjun Says:

    Good of them to have woken up and thought sense. It’ll take about a hundred more years for that to happen elsewhere, I suppose.

    You quoted from the Bible in a post about gay marriage. Can things get any better?

  5. patchcable Says:

    Yes please, that’s irony for you.

    Did you read Scott Adam’s “Pope don’t come” post? Hil-arious!

  6. Shalabh Says:

    When gay couples would be allowed to adopt, then there would be some major ragging

  7. patchcable Says:

    [Shalabh] You are mean.

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