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December 22, 2006

Estoy bien. Voy a ir a Goa mañana.

Ha! Español.

And it is really easy to type Spanish. Just typing a sequence of numbers with the ALT key pressed does the trick.


Have a great Christmas and New Year. *abrazos*


Country Stereotypes

December 8, 2006

I searched for [nationality] woman and [nationality] man, where “nationality” is e.g. French, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese and so on. The result is a visual overview of country stereotypes.

That the stereotypical Indian man is not a snake charmer is quite an improvement.

Indian Stereotype

[via GB]


December 7, 2006

And effective.

[via pronet]


December 7, 2006

Had been to barcamp this last weekend over at Thoughtworks.

Barcamp is an international network of unconferences, it’s happened at Delhi, Chennai, Pune and Hydrabad.

Lot of gyaan.

  1. Slideshare
    It’s like YouTube for slides. Jonathan Boutelle talked about what he learnt from buliding
    See the presentation on his blog (which is via slidashare, of course).
  2. Google Web Toolkit
  3. Sahi
    (Test automation tool which will hopefully make my life easier)
  4. Lucene
  5. Webpy

Also, proof that entrepreneurship is big in blore: Sandeep Singhal from seqouiacap started off the whole show.

Aside: Heard of Vijay the desperate venture capitalist?

No posts.

December 7, 2006

Exams coming up.


Till I’m done you get = (1 long promised, half finished post) + (interesting stuff via other blogs).