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January 29, 2007

WordPress is nice. You can now preview the web page that the link leads to by hovering your mouse over the link on WordPress blogs.


But some people don’t like it. And they tell of ways I can turn this feature off.

Well, I like it and don’t find it intrusive or anything. So, I won’t be like turning it off.

I write like a seven year old.

[Update 9th April – Turned Snap off. Starting to annoy me.]


Shilpa Shetty

January 29, 2007

Very cleverly she play the victim. She win the big moneys.

Germaine Greer much more articulate.

Hmm. Germaine Greer (wikipedia link). Fiery feminist and all. Should get hold of that book. If it riles women so much that “copies of it were thrown across rooms at unsuspecting husbands” then somebody’s gotta be careful. Hahahaa