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January 29, 2007

WordPress is nice. You can now preview the web page that the link leads to by hovering your mouse over the link on WordPress blogs.


But some people don’t like it. And they tell of ways I can turn this feature off.

Well, I like it and don’t find it intrusive or anything. So, I won’t be like turning it off.

I write like a seven year old.

[Update 9th April – Turned Snap off. Starting to annoy me.]


Shilpa Shetty

January 29, 2007

Very cleverly she play the victim. She win the big moneys.

Germaine Greer much more articulate.

Hmm. Germaine Greer (wikipedia link). Fiery feminist and all. Should get hold of that book. If it riles women so much that “copies of it were thrown across rooms at unsuspecting husbands” then somebody’s gotta be careful. Hahahaa


December 22, 2006

Estoy bien. Voy a ir a Goa mañana.

Ha! Español.

And it is really easy to type Spanish. Just typing a sequence of numbers with the ALT key pressed does the trick.


Have a great Christmas and New Year. *abrazos*

Country Stereotypes

December 8, 2006

I searched for [nationality] woman and [nationality] man, where “nationality” is e.g. French, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese and so on. The result is a visual overview of country stereotypes.

That the stereotypical Indian man is not a snake charmer is quite an improvement.

Indian Stereotype

[via GB]

No posts.

December 7, 2006

Exams coming up.


Till I’m done you get = (1 long promised, half finished post) + (interesting stuff via other blogs).

Totally heart warming

November 26, 2006

South Africa legalises gay marriage.

The SA Defence minister said this in the house before the bill was passed:

Today, as we reap the fruits of democracy, it is only right that they must be afforded similar space in the sunshine of our democracy. This country cannot afford to continue to be a prisoner of the backward, timeworn prejudices that have no basis.

The lawmakers remember how they were discriminated and how it feels to be discriminated.

You’d think someone tormented wouldn’t do the same to others but it’s never like that. Seniors rag freshers even though they hated it when they were put through it. Mothersinlaw mistreat their daughtersinlaw even though they know how it felt like. And many other on a much bigger scale.


Really great what South Africa has done.

Women know your limits

November 4, 2006

Interesting how one line can get all kinda people riled up. My take on that keeps changing, but it is damn annoying when men people are trolls and leave 150 lines of meaningless trollishness.

Anyhoo, don’t want to start that all over again here. Found this reee-ally funny video. It’s by Harry Enfield.

[via daveintexas]

And now lads and gents, I know my limits. *sandeep, restrained and did not put smiley here*


November 1, 2006

Roald Dahl and Ogden Nash are two of my most favourite writers in the world. They write subtly funny and laugh out loud funny equally well.

Ogden Nash also writes cute 🙂

Ode to a Baby

A bit of talcum
Is always walcum.

by Ogden Nash

See this for more of Nash’s work.

Dressing up gadgets

October 31, 2006

ipod accessories take dressing up gadgets to whole new levels.
Check out my google reader share page where I’ve shared some of the zany ipod add ons that I got from just a couple of gadget blogs.

Apparently, the ipod accessory market is about $300 million. Which is smaller than, say, the porn industry but way bigger than the market for frog spawn.

My ipod is naked and uncovered and does not have killer speakers to go with it. I’m sure it will kill me and run away to the home for underprivileged ipods.

More fluff

October 31, 2006

Watch this video on Gia’s blog.


The frog must have commissioned the kids to do it.