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Country Stereotypes

December 8, 2006

I searched for [nationality] woman and [nationality] man, where “nationality” is e.g. French, Swedish, Turkish, Chinese and so on. The result is a visual overview of country stereotypes.

That the stereotypical Indian man is not a snake charmer is quite an improvement.

Indian Stereotype

[via GB]



October 20, 2006

Cleaning out my phone’s MMC. I use my phone camera impulsively, so when I spring clean the memory card, I get interesting pictures I’d forgotten about.



Very fond of this one. It’s a couple of years old. We were waiting at the bus stop and I clicked. He was suitably annoyed, but the picture was worth that.


This is me looking like the women Puzo writes about, strong Italian women who are structured specifically for childbirth. You know, the mafiosa wives.

Boss Brand Lighter

Among the tchotchke that my mum got from Delhi. Notice the couple staring adoringly at the space age lighter. Rather, the Electronic Lighter + Torch.


Mehendi at every street corner. One of the few things I liked about Delhi. Though, after it fades in a few days, mehendi looks more like someone’s scribbled all over.


My sister took the picture at CCD. I like it because the cup looks very porcelain. And I like tea. And the picture is strangely hypnotic.


Camouflage dog.